publish your book


It is the dream of every author, being published by one of the established traditional publishing companies. There are many reasons why this is not always feasible. Still, this does not mean that your only option is to have books printed and deal with everything yourself.


Our approach

Boekenplan offers you several services to enable you to come very close to the traditional way of publishing without losing sight of reality.


We have sufficient experience in the publishing world to be able to give you insight on the interesting possibilities and to bring your book under the attention of the best target group. Some features:

  • assessment of the manuscript
  • professional design of the cover and lay out of the text inside
  • correcting and/or editing
  • ISBN
  • sales via CB-Logistics and through that channel available in every affiliated bookstore and web shop in the Netherlands and Flanders
  • promotional material such as book marks, postcards, book trailers etc.
  • press releases
  • promotional activities via social media
  • author’s website
  • e-books


If this looks interesting to you please do not hesitate to call us at 043-8516904 and we will take our time to inform you extensively.