General information about Boekenplan

General information

The Boekenplan team always puts the customers first en thrives for the best possible quality in service and products. Our approach is based on knowledge, experience, intuition and flexibility which makes our customers very happy and satisfied with their publication.


We believe in flexibility, try to think differently and work with passion. The pillars that Boekenplan is built on are the focus on the needs of the customer, renewal, innovation, professional experience and good customer service. We create, sell and publish beautiful books, aiming for a special experience.


Our advantages for you as a customer:

  • knowledge of the publishing- and booktrade
  • tools of the publisher
  • print-runs as low as 1 copy, therefore no high investments needed and/or storage fees
  • personal guidance and support
  • 24/7 available
  • co-operation with professional book printing companies, academic editors, correctors and designers