Educational material

Educational material

Educational material always up-to-date

Remember the days that large volumes were common? In smaller volumes the price per copy became far too high and the delivery time was long. Meanwhile your material aged quickly.


At Boekenplan this is history. You can always update your study material. No trashing of redundant or outdated books anymore. This saves you costs and it’s better for the environment.


Printing on demand

To be as efficient as possible we make use of the printing on demand method. This system allows you to always have the latest educational courses available in your organisation, delivered to the location of the course or shipped to the course member’s house.


Course materials can exist of:

  • books
  • ring binder with content
  • brochures
  • folders

Very short delivery times

As we can deliver very quickly you will never be taken by surprise in case you get some last minute course members. You will never be out of stock. No need to estimate the volume weeks prior to the actual start of the courses. It is in your advantage to have the students order their study material themselves via our web shop. We will take care of the invoicing, accept payments en ship the orders. You receive the profit minus our handling fee.


More information

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