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Do you recognise this? You had your publication printed in a larger print run as a larger amount resulted in a lower price. But unfortunately you ended up with many books unsold. The alternative, to avoid all these boxes with redundant books, is to publish a digital PDF for free. Or is there a better way?


At Boekenplan we can print small amounts of books, as small as 1 book at the time, per order and make sure the applicant receives the book within days. We can also provide you with the invoicing.


Every organisation or company knows a printing office, but not every printing office is good at printing books. Boekenplan only works with specialised book printing offices. Not only does this result in a better product but also in a better price. We know from experience this can be up to 40% less compared to other printing offices.


Quality without a doubt

No matter what kind of book production you are looking for, Boekenplan will supply you with an effective product of outstanding quality.

Some examples:

  • annuals
  • manuals
  • educational books
  • anniversary books etc.


All of the above always fully according to your wishes in a tailor-made solution. We have a range of strategies which can be applied according to the specific context of your organisation.

Printing on demand as well as offset printing are within our possibilities to optimize every book production.

The benefits of Boekenplan for your organisation:

  • no stock required
  • low investment costs
  • our distribution system, also to be used for your existing publications
  • sales through our webshop
  • invoicing en shipping
  • professional design and lay out
  • high quality printing
  • e-books (ePub)