Distribution possibilities

Distribution possibilities

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In the Netherlands and Flanders, books are distributed through CB, which stands for Centraal Boekhuis (CB-Logistics). CB plays a crucial role connecting publishers, bookstores, and libraries, ensuring an efficient and rapid distribution of books throughout the Netherlands and Flanders.

The book distribution process through CB commences at the publisher's end. The publisher delivers the books to CB, where they are then stored in the warehouse. When a book is ordered by a bookstore, library, or online retailer, CB retrieves the book from the warehouse and dispatches it to the recipient.

CB provides various services catering to both publishers and bookstores. Publishers can monitor the stock status of their books through CB and gain insights into sales figures. Bookstores can place book orders and manage their inventory through CB. Additionally, CB offers a returns service, allowing bookstores to send back unsold books.

In addition to physical book distribution, CB also handles the distribution of e-books and audiobooks. Furthermore, CB offers fulfillment services such as packaging and shipping products for online retailers.

CB's distribution system ensures swift and efficient book delivery throughout the Netherlands and Flanders. This enables bookstores and online retailers to promptly respond to customer demands, ensuring readers can swiftly access their favorite books.

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