The press and Boekenplan

The press and Boekenplan

Information for journalists and the media about book productions from Boekenplan in the Netherland and Flanders. Read more about our mission and our credo.



Boekenplan was founded on January 1st, 2002 in Hoofddorp by René Bouman.


Medio 2006 he joined Liliane Schoonbrood, owner of LilyArt, in Maastricht and on the 4th of November of that year together they opened La douze, atelier voor uitgeven en kunst located at Kapoenstraat 12. In this unique concept they produced many publications, had special book presentations, held art exhibitions and organsised writing workshops, all accomodated in this very special building dating from the 18th century with it’s beuatiful cellar vault. La douze, waar boek en doek elkaar omhelzen – La douze, where the books and the paintings embrace each other – quickly became a well known concept in Maastricht. Unfortunately, the marlstone, as beautiful as it was, turned out to have a humidity level that did not suit books and paintings, so they had to find another business location.


From May 1st, 2009 onwards the capacity from Boekenplan was quickly extended from the new facility at the Maastrichter Pastoorstraat 25 and the works of art ever since exposed in the virtual gallery at A comfortable office building right around the corner of the Market, the City Hall and the modern malls such as Mosae Forum and Entre Deux. It was also here that La douze, atelier voor uitgeven en kunst was converted into La Douze VoF, with the brand names Boekenplan and LilyArt.


In 2012 they were honoured with the title Beste bedrijf van 2012, regio Maastricht from Allebedrijvenin.


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Credo of Boekenplan

The Boekenplan team always puts the customers first en thrives for the best possible quality in service and products. Our approach is based on knowledge, experience, intuition and flexibility which makes our customers very happy and satisfied with their publication.


We believe in flexibility, try to think differently and work with passion. The pillars that Boekenplan is built on are the focus on the needs of the customer, renewal, innovation, professional experience and good customer service. We create, sell and publish beautiful books, aiming for a special experience.


Biography of the publishers of Boekenplan

About both owners, their background and their passion you can read more at LinkedIn:
René Bouman
Liliane Schoonbrood



We work together with a number of professionals to bundle our strengths and to achieve a product of high quality. These are among others:

  • five editors/correctors
  • three main designers
  • specialised printers


Review copies

The press can request a review copy for each publication. Contact us about the possibilities.