Mosae Libro-Mosae Mondo

Mosae Libro - Mosae Mondo

Some publications can be assigned to our fund Mosae Libro. Travel editions can be included in our Mosae Mondo fund. This depends on a combinations of factors. Editing by our professional editors is, amongst others, a must. After having evaluated your manuscript we investigate all possibilities of this specific publication as far as production, promotion and sales.


Mosae Libro

The non-fiction fund of Boekenplan. This includes publications about animals, medical science, psychology, coaching, philosophy, music, beauty, health, pedagogy or that very specific subject on which you have this interesting manuscript.


Mosae Mondo

In this fund we already have published many travel guides and storytelling journeys. Books about travel have a very effective way to reach the specific target group. The fascination of the reader and the subject of the book blend in seamless. Maybe the story of your journey or residence in a certain country is interesting for a certain target group. With the Mosae Mondo fund we can pursue these possibilities with you.