Text pages thesis

Text pages

text pages

Boekenplan expects the delivery of a print ready PDF. The required specifications for the file are available for consultation here. The PDF can be provided by you in the final book format of 17 cm (or 16 cm) x 24 cm. You can choose the margins on the paper yourself, but please do keep in mind the back margin (distance between the binding back of the book and the beginning of the text) should be 20 mm.


Points of attention regarding the format

  • Do not use too many different fonts
  • Maintain a calm design
  • Always add the blank pages
  • Always place the page numbers on the outside or at the middle of the pages
  • Landscape pages always have to get rotated with the heading to the left
  • Colour pages do not have to be placed on a special place. Please add an indication of the page numbers of the color pages when you deliver the file

Lay out

  • French title. 
  • This page only contains the title of the book. The back is blank. These pages are not mandatory and can be omitted
  • Title page and announcement of promotion. Consult the promotion regulations for the correct text and lay out. The promoters and the colophon are usually placed on the back of this page
  • Dedication. This page only features the dedication. For example: “For my parents”. The back is blank
  • Preface. The back is blank
  • Index
  • Introduction
  • The chapters, beginning on the right hand side
  • Appendix
  • Summary
  • Acknowledgements
  • List of publications
  • Curriculum Vitae