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Delivering books without stock within 24 hours

Printing books in small quantities is a convenient and efficient solution for many productions. Boekenplan makes this possible with an automated method of printing on demand (POD). As the term suggests, a book is only created when it is ordered. Whether it's in a bookstore in Groningen or through an online bookstore in Brussels, the book is delivered directly to the destination after it has been printed. Therefore, you don't have to invest in a large stock that often gets in the way. Moreover, you don't know if all your books will be sold. Printing books in large quantities all at once is something anyone can do.

The key nowadays is to have the right number of books made and delivered to the right place. Contact us now. Printing hardcover books in small quantities is definitely possible.

What you can do with a book at Boekenplan: write, read, learn, enjoy, remove ink stains with a spatula.

We can deliver your book quickly.

Some authors and organizations choose to keep a very small stock to keep the investment in books low. A new print run takes at most three days, allowing you to act quickly even without a large stock.

Printing on demand is particularly environmentally friendly because no book is printed unnecessarily. Read more about our environmental strategy at Boekenplan.

We have entered into cooperation agreements with local organizations for the German-speaking and English-speaking markets, making printing on demand possible there as well.

Printing and binding a book

By choosing to print and bind your book in small quantities, you don't need a stock and your publication will never be sold out. Publications with a smaller market but a longer relevance and expected orders can be well served with printing on demand. This way, you never have an excessive stock in the hallway, but your title is always available when there is demand.

When you apply the printing on demand method based on the specific context of your publication, printing a book from a single copy is a piece of cake. Publishing a book is enjoyable and affordable when you can print a book from a single copy.

Publishing a book without investing in a stock has now become a reality. Many of our authors and organizations we work with choose this option.

Contact us now to discuss this possibility or subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on the latest information.

If you want your publication in paperback, hardbound, or something else, please read the "Editions" page.

Booklet and much more...

Here are the advantages of working with Boekenplan:

  • Providing ISBN and barcode for free
  • Advice on execution and promotion
  • Placing texts and cover on webshops
  • Registration with the Royal Library
  • Inventory management at different locations
  • Publication is available for sale at any CB-affiliated bookstore (98%) and webshop
  • Shipping of books
  • Packaging suitable for heavy books
  • Invoicing and accounts receivable management
  • Video production
  • Social media campaigns
  • SEO and SEA for your book.