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Mosae Verbo

Mosae Verbo

If you decide to make use of the various segments that we offer in order to realize your publication you have several choices. We give you the possibility to publish the book in your own name, be the publisher yourself. Also, your book could possibly be published under our Mosae Verbo label. After having evaluated your manuscript we can advise you in which fund it could be included. This enables us always having an appropriate solution for you. Mosae Verbo moulds your words into a book.


A complete plan of action

With all of these possibilities together we can create a book in the most effective way for your specific publication. Together we assemble a package of the various segments, the necessary tools for the production of your book. We can also advise you how to launch your book in many different ways. All steps, starting from the manuscript until finaly having the book obtainable.

You have a manuscript but are still looking for an editor and a graphic designer to then eventually have your book printed in the desired number of copies. Boekenplan can offer you a tailor made package. If you want your book to be obtainable in most every bookstore in the Netherlands and Flanders we can obtain an ISBN for you. For promotional activities we have a range of material such as book trailers, banners, press releases, postcards and book marks.


An outline of our services and courses of book production:

  • professional design of the cover and the lay out of the interior
  • correcting and/or editing
  • ISBN
  • sales via CB-Logistics thus obtainable in every affiliated book store and web shop
  • promotional material such as book marks, postcards, book trailers, banners
  • press releases
  • e-books


These separate courses of book production allow you to finally turn your manuscript into a book and to share it with the world. Boekenplan is your personal partner in this project with knowledge, experience and creative advice.