Dissertation planning



To avoid problems during production time we advise you to contact us in an early stage. This gives us the opportunity to evaluate the digital draft for you, inform you on required specifications, set up a planning schedule and offer you a quotation. For proper planning the following issues are important and the date of your doctoral degree ceremony is the determining factor:

A few weeks before your graduation date, a number of your dissertations should be submitted to the Office of the Beadle or the Board of Deans at your university. This varies by university and ranges from 2 to 6 weeks. Please check this with your university. Normally we plan the delivery date of your books about 1 week before the final date of submission at the university.


In order to apply for a quote, a number of data are required, including the total number of pages, the number of pages printed in colour and whether the cover should be in full colour. To be able to determine this, the design will already be in a fairly advanced stage. Designing starts the production of your dissertation. If you want us to take care of the design, it is advisable to request a quote 4 months before your degree ceremony.

It is to be advised to confirm the agreement to publish your thesis at least 3 months before the defence date. You can then align your files to the production. Once the offer is confirmed by Boekenplan, you receive an order confirmation. From that moment onwards, our helpdesk is at your service for questions and advice.