Book productions

Book productions

A tailor-made solution for every publication

Boekenplan uses invigorated solutions for every publication. Depending on the demand to be foreseen we can make use of printing on demand or choose for offset printing. We make sure to offer you the best resolution for any specific publication request. If you have a publication which is demanded gradually over a longer period of time, printing on demand is the most effective way to keep the costs low, without having to store stock. Do you have the possibility to accommodate the target group directly with your publication? Then offset printing is a higher volume is the best solution for you.


The advantages of printing on demand and offset printing compared

Printing on demand speaks for itself: the book is being printed once there is a demand. Especially when adequate and regular actualisation is required , printing on demand is the very best option. After the digital document is being updated or amended your publication is up-to-date and directly obtainable in the most current version. And the rarely ordered staff reports that still need to be available at all times, take no storage space but await silently their digital lives until they get ordered and are being printed on demand. Few days after ordering they can be delivered to the customer in appropriate packaging together with an invoice or letter of contents.


The more traditional offset printing still remains a perfect solution for larger volumes of books or publications in full colour. As long as the higher investment costs are in balance with the turnover this is certainly a good way to obtain beautiful books with somewhat more possibilities as far as features.


Advantages printing on demand:

  • no stock necessary
  • low investment
  • direct shipment to the reader
  • immediate actualisation if needed
  • always available


Advantages offset printing:

  • lower production costs in volumes of 500 copies and more
  • lower production costs in full colour productions or productions with specific design/material


In both printing on demand and offset solutions we can take care of the invoicing and shipping for you.